Tried Cryengine quickly, I wasn't impressed...

The ocean shader is not complete at all and MAYBE their foliage shader is good when using good assets, but when I read about the cryengine ocean and grass capablilties I had to try it… I got to the conclusion that Unreal has a better EVERYTHING.
Ok I’ll give you that their “infinite ocean” looks good on closeup with low wind and wave settings but triyng to tweak them to get a realistic storm-like wave just distorted the craaap out of the ocean plane. Even at lower wind strenghts the ocean got distorted. Their ocean shader was only good when simulating still ocean water, almost no wind.
The OCEAN COMMUNTIY WIP here in the UE4 community is incredibly greater at handling big waves such as small waves.

Also two other things that annoyed the **** out of me with Cryengine was their landscape editor and the default gameplay character with the crysis/killzone gun and HUD.
When importing my smooth and realistic landscape made by very tedious work solely in the UE4 Landscape editor I got a choppy lego/minecraft equivalent of my landscape… not goord at all… :confused:

Haha I just needed to write of my irritation of wasting some hours on cryengine.

I’ve never tried the engine myself but your sentiments echo what I’ve heard before. Apparently their documentation isn’t very good either. Good thing we have UE4. =)

I will tell you the landscape painting and etc is leaps and bounds easier and better in cry engine imo, but everything else fails to compare to Unreal. If unreal had a simpler painting way then it would be the perfect engine

Like Uprentiss, to me Cryengine felt more straightforward for painting esp the layer system. But the landscape material/shader itself wasn’t really customizable, iirc (it was a good handful of years since I’ve used CE). I much prefer the ability to do what I want with each layer I paint in UE4, since most my landscape work is done in WorldMachine anyway.

Also really liked in cryengine that large foliage meshes could be set to bend to match the curvature of the terrain. Also when importing foliage, it would automatically create all the billboards for all directions for LODs - without needing speedtree.