Tricky, motivated and versatile


let me introduce me a little bit.

My name is Sebastian, 35 years old and an independent indie developer and artist for 3 years.
Before that i worked at different companies as developer.
Now I have my own studio called, there you can find a little bit port folio.

I am working on my own project, but i can offer a little bit time to help wherever it is needed.

My skills are very versatile. I have made a lot of things in a variety of sectors.

For example:

animations and anim bps
slim db solutions (UE4 only)
blueprints (my best part of experiences)
HUD and UI
GameMode, Char, Pawn, etc.
and so on.

My best experience are BP and Skill/Level Systems.

I know a lot of UE4 and can combine this knowledge to quickly find solutions that you probably do not find in the web :smiley:

So, thats all from me at the moment.

Cheers and see you maybe

PS: email: [EMAIL=“”]