Trick for Reducing streaming level loading times?

Hi, instead of working with the asset manager, and primary and secondary asssets, which is outiside my experience at this stage, can i put all a set of core assets into a level streaming volume that encompassess every bit of the entire game, and set it to always loaded but not visible?
If i do, Does this give me a quick and dirty way of controling a small set asset list. In using an open world game enviroment and Im finding level streaming volumes dont load fast enough, and that blocking volumes interupt opne world gameplay too much. Literally in a packaged build i can walk half a level streaming area and it only then loads in time. My issue is i want to use every scrap of memory in a mid spec pc to preload asssets, to reduce loading. What are my options? and i cant find this level of granular control in unreal. Do i even need it? Is unreal very clever for asset loading? If not can i place assets into my streaming level , and measure memory load untill im up to what, 3-4 gig of fully loaded in assets. Will this work? How much memory does unreal need as 'working space What else can i do? And am i trying for too much control over the loading?

Are you loading a level only when entering it’s bounds?

Did you ever solve this, having the same issue myself, the streaming volume doesn’t load my assets fast enough. let me know, thanks.