Tribes Ascend

How do you blue print a Tribes Ascend Skiing… Like to make a Tribe renegades for Unreal Engine 4 any one can help plz?

step 1: define the logic for what skiing is exactly- i.e. does it necessitate certain ground slopes relative to the player, is there a minimum speed required to get it started, and how do you control it when you are skiing? Does the player need to be pressing a certain key to ski?

Then use that logic to determine when to remove friction and braking deceleration for the player when for example they are on a slope or incline.

I’ve only played tribes briefly a long time ago- does it share some similarities with rampsliding? (see clip below which I did in blueprints)

edit: okay I saw a refresher on the mechanic here:

So if you want to gain speed only on downslopes you will want to perform a trace from your player to the ground to detect the ground angle. When there’s a downslope you want to increase the max walk speed and add some kind of acceleration to bring you to that higher speed, when it’s an upslope do nothing (other than maintain zero friction/braking)