Tribe only activation

Is it possible to have something started only within a tribe, I have a solar panel mod and have been asked to make the panels only be activated from within a tribe, I have looked at the blueprint and the only thing that is there about tribes has been activated (ticked) but the panels are still toggable by anyone, this is a red rag to trolls so I am told, does anyone have any idea how I can achieve this?

in the multiuse menu, get the “team” from the parameters, and then add a branch with true only if the"targeting team" == the “owning team”.

I (think) I have done that but am told by users that non-tribe members can indeed start the thing. I will post a screenshot of the blueprint parameters soon.

Below is a screenshot of the graph the way I have targeting teams set up now, does this look right.

That’s right. Is your “False” terminating at the “Return” node?

Yes false is terminating at the return node as shown here