Trial Framework

Hello everyone !

Today, I want to introduce to you my first full project I’m working on my free time, wich is Trial Framework !

Okay, so, basically, what is Trial Framework, and to who is it destined ?

I’ve alway been pasionated by the Trials Games released by RedLynx (even if Trial Fusion disapointed me a bit…), and since I work with unreal (for about 5 or 6 years) I’ve always created small things, but never pushed them to the maximum I could. So I thought it would be nice to implement such a thing in UE4. Since I’m now in a video game school in France, working on car game, I thought I had the knowledge to start such a project, and so far it seems to be true I’d say :slight_smile:

Therefore, I would like to introduce a video of this pre-alpha project. For the moment, I’d say the very basics stage of physics are implemented :slight_smile:

Planned progress:

  • Biker implementation
  • Graphics implementation such as props, envrionement, etc
  • Spline following bike
  • Level Editor
  • Multiplayer

Known problems:

  • Leaning is not strong enough on ground, and too strong in air.
  • Suspensions are too stiff
  • No animation for the bike are implemented yet
  • Might need to rework tire friction

If you have any suggetion for this project, I’d be happy to hear them out !
I’d also like to ask if I can ask for help on this thred if ever I’m stuck, or if there is a more appropriate thread for this ^^’

Anyways, thanks for reading me, and sorry for my english ^^’

Update: A big update on the suspension system. Previous one was only simulating vertical movement, therefore not along the fork. And the rear was also simulated like that, while it should rotate like a hinge joint. All of this behavior have been implemented on the current model.
I also tried to work on the Biker implementation, but could not get anything decent enough to be shown. Probably in the next update !

Anyway, here is a short video showing the new suspension implementation :

Also, the white cube moving on top of the bike is supposed to simulate the center of gravity of the biker, and seems to be working fine for the moment !

Known problems:

  • Leaning is still not working correctly
  • Bike is now all woobly boobly, needs to fine tweak them.

Thanks for reading again, and hope to see you soon !

Well done man ! It’s a good job, that pretty realistic and the suspensions really affect the bike’s behaviour. Keep going !

This looks cool, and I did not came across something similar yet. If you plan to release this on the market please consider adding an E-Bike version too, thanks :slight_smile:

Hey eveyrone !

So, after a long time not being able to work on this, I’m finally back on track !
Big update for this time :slight_smile:

So, what’s new ?

  • Added race features (Timer Start/Stop @ the start & the end or the race) - Added checkpoints respawn behavior, with “faults” counting
  • Reworked the controls to have only the leaning part when on ground, and a “magic force” that ease the rotation in the air.
  • Basic menu work, with naviguation available for mouse & keyboard/gamepad

And what’s coming next ?

  • Locking the bike to local-oriented X of a spline (need help on this one, go see here for my AnswerHub question:…2907/view.html)
  • Continue working on the controls to have something fun & realistic
  • Work on all the 3D Models
  • Create true races
  • Add a medal score system

And as usual, here is a video showing the bit of progress done for the moment :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to read ! Hope to hear from you next time !

PS: @unit23 When you talk about E-Bike, you are talking on model appearance or behavior ? :slight_smile: