TressFX 4.0 hair rendering

Nope, I did not get any response from them.

Currently the work in TFX is on hold for about a month or so due to my personal constraints, I will check everything when I will resume the work on it.

Are you planning on picking this back up anytime soon?

Hopefully by the end of the month.

UE4.20 or UE4.21?

Probably 4.22 by now

Are you still updating this ? would be awesome to see some screenshots about your WORK :slight_smile: i would even love to support you.

Yes it is still in development I am collaborating with kostenickj.
He did an amazing job porting the project to 4.22 and added new features.
The next step is to solve the mess of order independent transparency.
I am currently on the way to Unreal Fest Europe and I hope that maybe someone there will help us solving it.

We have successfully converted most of the important features to 4.22. And added a few new ones, like morph target support.

Hair can be rendered in two ways currently:

  1. Opaque, supporting all rendering features, including dynamic shadow casting and receiving.
  2. Or via the shortcut OIT method. It looks much better than opaque (imo) and supports all features (i think) except for receiving shadows. Casting shadows works fine. We are trying to figure out how to get that working.

Still more work to do. Forgive my ugly test asset!

Please implement collision support like this! [Plugin] Leap Motion Plugin 1.1 (Real hand) - GIF on Imgur (VICODynamics: a particle based Soft-Body physics Plugin - Released Projects - Unreal Engine Forums)

Wow this looks impressive :slight_smile:

Tribbles get everywhere :wink:

Good to see this is still being worked on and I take it this still requires a full build from engine source?

Yes it will require a full source build. Too many additions to engine source to be made into a plugin. On a side note, i recently got dynamic shadows working with OIT:

Wonderful work, lion032 & ****kostenickj!
I have fixed some bugs in TressFX-4.19, and get some result (still some bugs in shadow), it’s a nice experience:

Nice work! Are you going to release the 4.22 port?

@lion032 @kostenickj Looking great, would love to see the 4.22 branch and assist where we can

Any updates on this? How you deal with a new drawing policies?

Hair with shadows, FPS is 60 in 1920*1080 in GTX 1050 Ti:

Shadow cast:

Shadow receiving:

Shadow is rendered using ComputeDirectionalLightDynamicShadowing of Forward Lighting. Still some debug works in shadow.

Hair rendered in approximately 3.5ms,compared of drawing time with hair visible or not.

Great to see your work on this mayaworks.

Out of interest is the fps badly affected by multiple tressfx actors in the view port? (I’m wondering how it would cope with multiple characters with hair).

Also will you be putting your work on Github?

For multiple characters,just take as different part of the hair.
UE4 Engine will traverse all the tressfx primitives in the scene.The FPS will not affected by multiple tressfx primitives, because just some primitives added.
The code is downloaded from here. I just make some debug works :slight_smile: