Trepidation Horror Game Trailer

My First Horror Game Trailer. Trepidation. Made by Cousay Game Studio.

Looking horrifyingly good !

awesome dude, are there any new updates on this? i am starting my first project, decided on horror.
i really like the look of this though, the camera thing from outlast is a nice touch as well! but what is with the battlefield tank overlay haha XD

I know i changed hud with Camera screen HUD. Tank overlay it is just for demo :smiley: I uptadet video you can watch new video trailer :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: you can watch new version of trailer

Wow !
Very nice job, man =D !
Actually, i’m working in a horror game too.
Good luck and i’m waiting for this.

Thank you very much :smiling_face:

Is this meant to be super laggy?