Trendy Cafe

Hi there, this is my first time posting on this forum!
I’ve been working on a trendy looking cafe scene, aiming for photo realism while using 100% dynamic lighting!

Most of the textures are currently being sourced from the starter content, however most of the work has gone into the modelling, detail normal maps and blueprints.
All models are low-poly, with baked normal maps from high-poly, using a master material for most surfaces which always blends the texture normals with model specific detail normals.

There is a clock on the wall which changes the time of day, fulling affecting the lighting. All lights and candles can be toggled, fulling changing the scene, at night with all lights turned off the cafe is pitch black with only the sky outside darkly lit.

All light sources use distance field shadows
This looks incredible but struggles when fullscreen on a GTX780.

Concept Art:


While it may not be perfect photo-realism with a lack of extra detail, it sure looks nice :slight_smile:
You can find more of my projects here!

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The café is a bit empty in my opinion, you should put some more tables and chairs in the center of the scene as well.

Yeah absolutely, still just a work in progress, I got a list of models that I still need to make. Haha I don’t even have a coffee machine yet! The plan is to eventually put it on the asset store.

Simple and neat, like your lighting and yout post process settings…keep up, gg :wink: