Trello Roadmap month colours

Hi Epic,

Whenever the UE4 roadmap is updated on Trello the months are usually recoloured and the new colours have to be remembered. A great example is that we’ve just gone from the spring and summer months being orange and red to being green and purple, whilst the autumn is now orange.

Is it possible to update the colours so that there’s a gradient from green to red that is spread from the current month to 6 months time (or whatever the latest point in the future you project out to)?

For example, if the current month is July, then July is bright green, August is lime, September is yellow, October is light orange, November is dark orange, December is red. If the roadmap is updated in August then August will become green, September will become lime etc.

This will also seperate the blue ‘wishlist’ from the months further, as currently we have purple representing a month, rather than somewhere in between a month (Red) and a wishlist (blue).