Trek Star - Modern Arcade Twin Stick Shooter


Hereby take note: “Trek Star” Is a temporary name. It will be changed on a later date to a more suiting name.
We’re announcing that we are going to continue developing the “Trek Star” Game jam submission to a further built out game.

If you haven’t seen our game yet it’s at the June 2015 Game jam post and in a link below!

**How does the game work?
**Right now we have our core features in the game that we wanted. Meaning a general system that takes care of health, kills, skilltree, enemies, etc etc.
Our first and right now only game mode is classic, where you have to protect your “home” from enemies trying to reach it and hold out as long as you can!

Right now key components are:

  • 4 Enemies
  • 3 Weapons
  • Completely RNG
  • Skilltree
  • Difficulty increases procedural and will never stop getting harder.

**Any planned features we might be expecting?
**Right now we’re planning on adding:

  • Co-Op
  • Versus
  • More Gamemodes
  • Procedural Skilltree
  • More

**Any known bugs?
**So far only known bug is that the “split” enemy can cause severe performance loss! We’re looking into this!

**Where can we download this game?
**The download link is ->](
Will this game be regularly updated?
We are trying to push out as many updates as we can as fast as we can. Right now we’re focusing on getting MP to work and that you can create server and play with your friends.

What is your team?
Celeste(Me) ~ Blueprinting - Level Design - 3D
Deathwyrm ~ Blueprinting (Joined after game jam)
Johan ~ *Sound

*Any and all information, updates, news will be posted below! The download link will be kept updated but also posted in a new reply together with version updates and fixes!

Video of gameplay:

PS: Link to game jam thread ->June #UE4JAM, June 25 - 28, "Earth Shattering Kaboom" - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums