Trees with Best Optimization?

Hello, I have purchased many trees but have realized after pressing F5 that they are not optimized very well. Do anyone know of Trees for sale that are well optimized?

Speedtree trees are very performance friendly.

This creator is doing it right, thou you will still want to tweak the LoD activation a bit, but overall the quality for games are great!

You can still purchase Speedtree and create your own trees if you want, but you will need to go for finding textures for bark, leaves, fruits, etc

Me and my team will release optimized trees very soon. We planed about 15 assets of different tree kinds.

Thats great! I can’t handle myself when I see a tree asset, I want it all.

I bough your reed and got the free grass and they are super optimized,0 when I press F5 they are almost solid green, no red, I will buy your trees for sure!