Tree's that are realistic

Hello, I have created some foliage assets. I would like to sell cheap tree packs that can be added together as well as entire biome packs. I want to sell these packs for about 10$ for smaller packs and 30-40$ for massive biomes or complete forest packs( several different trees each with multiple variants.)
And eventually very small packages like 5$ for 3 trees.
I decided to make a much cheaper and smaller package of trees to add to the marketplace. Simply to test the system out. It was rejected.
Below I have attached some photos of foliage assets I have just thrown together in my free time.
If they seem interesting, then I guarantee that I have much higher quality assets that may catch one’s eye.

Thank you for the reply, I will fix it up and put more work into the next spruce pack.
here’s a quick teaser.
I will have full 4k or HD shots submitted when the product is finished.
Which btw, is something I’m curious about because last time I had to keep downgrading the resolution until it wouldn’t give an error.