Tree's that are realistic

So, I have a lot of time building foliage, I am 19 and have been playing around with making foliage since the days of UDK.

  I would like to post packs of forest environments or just single species of trees in the UE4 marketplace.

I tried already and my submission was marked “Refected” the thing is… I’m not sure why.
I did later find that speed tree doesn’t want anyone selling foliage made using their tool, therefore I have opted to make the foliage in Blender.
here are some quick renders of what my trees look like.

I will try again, attempting to make realistic affordable trees that actually use 4k and 2k textures everywhere so that an FPS doesn’t lose quality.
I usually make very optimized trees, using LOD to make slightly higher poly foliage without hindering the fps below 70.