Trees are bigger when i do foilage?

Ive imported a tree, looking nice :slight_smile:
Now I want it ingame as a harvasteble tree, so i setted it up and it works )
Only big problem: my tree is twice as large as it has to be…see pictures.
One is the normal sized one, (left) the other the big one…only by adding it to harvestable foilage
Anyway to get it back to normal size?

In your 1st top screenshot, have you tried just setting the scale to 0.5 in the transform? or does that break things? (collision, etc etc)

Seem strange that just setting it as harvest able is doubling it’s size, but I don’t know much of that world,

thx for the fast reply, it did not work :frowning:
any other ideas?

Hmm, looking more closely looks like there is more scale areas (mainly what looks like a min max of the xyz scales) have you tried toying with those? Just trying to throw some ideas out there until a more experienced mapper can assist, but some leads are better than none.

THANK YOU :slight_smile:
if i manage the scales in the foilage settings, and place the tree again, its smaller,
many thx !!!

its quite normal to have the size scaling go from 0.8 to 1.2 etc to get some varience in the trees