Tree spline tool used to make paragon?

Tree spline tool that was used in Paragon is no where to be seen.

Why? I’ve heard that epic might not release this tool but why?

It’s been tested in a commercial project so why would you hold it back from us?

Some things in Epic’s games will use code that cannot be distributed with the engine due to licensing conflicts.

for enlighten I totally understand that but this tool is made by epic.

This … plus they don’t have to? I mean, just because they make something doesn’t mean they have to hand it out in case someone wants to use it. There are other options, tons of them actually.

its not about have too. no one here said anything about “Have too”. The question is “why not

is there a reason not to?

I gave you an example reason; the tool may contain code that has a license that conflicts with Unreal 4’s. This could be replaced with bespoke code, but that an investment in time and money.

yeah that’s why I’m hoping that someone that know’s will inform me on this subject.