Tree Options?

So what kind of options has anyone come up with for Tree Options? All of our content created in UDK3 had Trees from Speed tree in it.

Speed Tree when tried to import fails from UDK3 to UE4 because of licensing.

There is a thread here about speedtree

There is someone that I think is breaking the license agreement of speedtree

So whats the status of Speed TRee?

Or even more what kind of tree / foliage / bush options do we have for UDK? Cause this is starting to hold us up.

Just create your vegetation in a 3d program. Then add some various effects e.g

random colour: ?v=cp6JQVHWeEw

UDK = free version of the Unreal Engine 3!!! :wink:

Oh I also just stumbled upon the fact Blender Has Sapling editor and im playing with this now.

I installed Blender last night but haven’t had a chance to play with it. Let us know how you go with the sapling editor… in the way of screenshots :smiley:

We already use blender for everything and the tree editor seems solid enough. Just search for blender sampling vid and check it

Found another pretty nice piece of software that is free that also looks to be better than the default sapling editor in blender. As the Blender Editor says its a Sapling add on and that is all it seems geared at doing well.

While this software still isn’t the full on clutch I believe once you get used to the tools you can do more with it than sapling.

Tree [D] its hosted for download here

The problem is the site is currently down for maintenance and has been for at least a week that we can tell, we had a friend of a friend who already had it and got it from them type thing. However if the site doesn’t come back up soon and people want it I will find a way to provide it a new home for download somewhere else, not sure how okay they would be with that but I do not know what is going on with the site either.

Ya I am not sure how to respond to that?

Is there anyway you could host the installation files? If even for a little bit? I am greatly interested in this software.


I do not think I am breaking any rules but if I am just remove it being that its freeware the best I can tell.

Edited to add btw I take no credit of this software, just helping pass it around.