Tree movements not swaying when render in sequencer

I have trees that was made using speed tree (srt. file ) it moves while are in view port (Sway movement with wind) but when i try to render a sequence it’s not moving like static.

i mainly use the engine for film making. so maybe i miss step on doing this.

I’ve put both the tree and wind as an actor too in the sequence but still no luck on the movement. can someone help me with this



This is exactly my issue with wind, Speedtree and sequencer now.
I imported .srt speed tree files, had their leaves move using Wind Directional Source and everything is fine in play mode. But when I render it in Sequencer, trees don’t move at all.

I really appreciate if anyone could give me some clue on this.

Thank you,

I have the same problem and can’t find a fix.

same sh*% here!..any solution to this very annoying bug?!

same !!!