Tree Movement Problem

Hi, I have some questions. Which way is the best to make tree move? I use trees from Blender Sapling(i dont have speedtree and dont have money for it).
Should i use bones, and animate tree, or make movement with shader? I have separated shader for main skeleton of tree and other for leaves(simple grass movement), but it looks bad(branches and leaves are not synchronized).
Is there any easy way to make tree move with synchronized leaves and branches, and without big perfomance hit?

Or maybe do you know any free alternative for Speedtree.

I saw it, but do you have any exprience with these programs? Can you reccomend?

There are some nice trees on the Marketplace. Other than that, I’d stay with Speed Tree or learn how the folks who sell their trees on Marketplace made their trees and make my own.

There are no bones in the trees in UE4.

But i dont want trees from marketplace, i want make my own with my own design:/ Yes there are no bones in standard trees, but i can make it as animated object. Bones make big impact on perfomance? And with bones in branches i can easily make with physic animations nice effect;p but idk how big impact it will.

Trees don’t generally use bones but they instead use vertex offset animations.

I use blender generally
I have a good experience with blender but it won’t be so straight forward approach as speed tree .

I came across this software . Give it a try TreeIt | Tree Generator