Tree imported from Speedtree scales down when camera is away

Hi I am working on a personal project in UE5. When I move away from a tree that was imported from Speedtree, the whole tree gets scaled down when the camera is away from the object. Here are some screen shots explaining the problem. Any idea what is happening here? Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

I suppose the import of the LODs went wrong. The farer you are away , the lower the LOD mesh will be. And when LOD2 is imported smaller, the smaller mesh is loaded on distance

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Thank you for the reply. I figured it out after fiddling with it for some time. It seems the import created a material with the wind information and stuff from Speedtree. When I use that material on the tree, it scales down. But when i use a very simple material, it looks fine. Not sure what is broken in the material with wind info.

I had a similar problem and spent the afternoon trying to solve it. I finally found that if you use a feature called “Features” in Speedtree

This bug will occur

(" Features “command on” Freehand "TAB)