Tree collision

What type of collision are you using for trees? I tryied to add a capsule but doesn’t really works for large trees.
I guess it’s because capsule is a too simple shape but with large trees, my character often get stuck while moving around them.
It doesn’t happen with complex collision but it’s also more expensive.

Depends a bit, some trees have a unique form that complex is better suited. Another aspect is designing the tree with collision in mind. I usually make a custom mesh collider that is the same geometry for the base only and simplify it going up the trunk. If your player is mainly around the base then this is all the accuracy needed. But if they can jump in the tree tops and climb all over, it’s back to being a design concern.

Just design simple collision to taste. Either in engine or in a 3d program.

You can also probably do 4 hulls of 16verts (the default setup for adding convex) and get away with it if you don’t care about how the canopy is treated.

I just need to get simple collision on the bark. Capsule shape would be enough for me without this collision bug.
I’ve read that mesh collision, even with a simple shape like cylinder is more expensive but how much?
Is the cost relative to the number of trees loaded in the level? The number of objects colliding with the trees in one frame? If I go with full complex collision, thousands trees but only the player character able to collide with a tree by walking into it, will it be very expensive? Will the cost be on GPU, CPU, both?