Treaded or Track type vehicle animation help

I have a vehicle with treads and I’m trying to animate the treads. I have an animation of them moving fully around. I know that some people have done the animation in material but I was wondering if there was a way to actually use a animation for the tread movement and drive it from the blueprint. It is a dual tread like a tank or snowmobile so I would like to have it move forward and backward and to run in opposite directions when turning.

Any help, thoughts or ideas on implementation would be greatly appreciated.


I’ve heard that you could use morph animation for this but I don’t know how efficient it is when you want to animate them more than just following fixed pass. In my implementation It’s done by moving instances of tread link mesh along the spline and spline itself can be animated. You can see how it works in my thread (link in signature).

I’ve added more explanation and perhaps answer to your question in my thread: [ASSETS] [OPEN SOURCE] Tanks, tracks and N-wheeled vehicles - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums
check earlier post for some of the details too.

thanks I actually read and tried out your sample but without the ability to see actual implementation i was guessing how you did it.
I program so animation is not my forte.

thanks though i will look at your explanation link