Traverse - MMO Sandbox Game

Traverse - Low Poly, Voxel, Sandbox MMO game

Traverse is a MMOSG – Massively Multiplayer Online Sandbox Game currently in development. It combines many elements from various game styles, ranging from class-based character specialization, action based combat, to voxel-based planet shaping.

Dig, colour, mould, and shape your planet using a large palette of options. Create lakes and rivers using the simulated water, dig a hole and watch the water flow. Adjust water colour, wave size, and underwater effects, in real-time, right in front of other connected players.

Traverse lets you design your own terrain and landscape. Whether it’s canyons, snowy mountains, rolling green hills or you very own unique creation – everything is possible. There are templates to choose from, and a large variety of settings to really carve a unique world.

Visual style of Traverse is based on flat-shaded low-poly art. Most of the game looks as if it was made out of paper.

Build anything and become anyone. Progress your character by just playing the game; or grow by creating many planets for other players to explore. Receive XP scrolls from mining, building, travel, killing mobs, pvp, farming and much more.

Races are truely limitless – share your design with friends and establish new unique races. Skin color and highlight has no restrictions; pick your prefered skin shine. Hair colors are also limitless.

Water is physically simulated, so it flows from higher elevations down to lower elevations. Terrain constraints the flow, so you can easily have a lake on top of the mountain.

Use water to enrich the gameplay on your planet, create underwater passages and caves, or create large lakes spanning large areas.

Everyone who is on the same planet can see the water flow, while it is being simulated.

In addition to water, Mud is similar but very slow to move, with its own look and feel. Lava is a special case of Mud that adds damaging properties and destroys everything in the way.

A way of travelling between planets is in your rocket. You fly between planets, solar systems, and galaxies. When near a planet, your spaceship will display planet information, such as if the planet is PVE or PVP, how many other players are on the planet, and if the planet has any rare mobs spawned. In case planet is designed as PVP minigame, you’ll be able to join the queue for the game.

While flying, you are effectively browsing planets that are out there, waiting to be explored. Planets that are marked as ‘Private’ by their owner, will not be visible.

We are still in development, planned release mid 2016, with earlier alpha and beta public test phases.

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This looks great! Awesome work!

Looks awesome!, the game is screaming with personality

Hi guys, thanks for the feedback!

We’ve been busy working on a number of features related to planet editing.

One of them is Snow – players can paint snow onto terrain or props (it can cover trees, roads, houses – if you want). Like with everything in Traverse, this is fully networked, so multiple players can edit and see each others edits at the same time.

The tool examines geometry where it is being painted, and replicates it with a distance offset, maintaining the normal vector of triangle. Depth of snow is one of the parameters players can change. Collision is also controlled via ‘packed’ flag, so you can choose if you collide with it, or walk through it. We will have a hard cap on maximum number of polygons of snow per planet, to ensure accidental overuse doesn’t affect performance.

Rendered object is split in tiles (31m x 31m) which seems to give us good balance between number of vertices per object, and number of occluded objects in scene.

Like all other props, snow color can be changed, so it can be used for other purposes – third screenshot shows how we used it as grass. You can even change color on per-tile level, for multiple uses (eg snow on mountain peaks, grass in some areas, brown mud in other…)

We have been working on creating a more ‘low poly’ look for the main character to fit with the theme.

We have added some particles and animation to digging.

Me likes what I see! When you mentioned PvP and planets… Should I understand that a collection of players can form an alliance and start building a very real intergalactic empire of their own? As in take over a planet and terraform it?

Hi MarkusLappalaine, thanks for your feedback!

Each guild will get one planet. They can enable it for guild-warfare. This will allow the guild to attack other guilds’ planets, at the risk of losing their own. If they lose it, they can only get it back by attacking other guilds.

Alternatively, they can use the planet to build pve-related content, cities and towns, or entertainment parks with rides and competitions.

Player controllable low poly snow particles:

Lovely Art Style.
Any chance to see some Gameplay Footage ?

I would like to see how water flows down also :smiley:

Hi , thanks for the feedback!

We’ll be making a few videos about our tools, next week.

I see you’re making a building system – we are starting to work on our house building soon. Are you using procedural meshes?

Good to hear.

Only for the Landscape Editor. The Building System is made of InstancedMeshes.

Changing some of the player controllable weather settings using the same scene!

Awlrighty! Then I was somewhat on the right track :slight_smile: The latest screens are really beautiful like others have said.

Aww thanks MarkusLappalaine!! :slight_smile:

Water splash effect in Traverse:

Any more specific date for the Alpha? :smiley:

This looks super interesting. I’m really ’ digging ’ the visual style ( couldn’t help myself ) . Thanks for sharing

Hi ,

We’ll start with closed alpha in February, and depending on how well that goes, we’ll start opening up.

Thanks for kind words Harford! Lets hope you ’ splash ’ out when the game is released :wink: (you started it!!)