Travelling level error

Hello, I have 2 maps, one for the main menu and another for the game itself (no multiplayer). An error appeared about client invalid URL when I use the open level node to load the game itself.
It is really stranged because this morning it worked well.
I restarted unreal, same error on play.
I decided to change my level file name and open level node’s name to see if the wrong URL would change too: it didn’t change when the log showed me the error

Okay so I test the inversed path to understand the problem: from the level in game, to the main menu (also menuprincipal)
Result: always the same URL, I’m stuck.
(I already tested the option “cook everything” in packaging settings nothing changed)

Thanks for help.

See this:

Thanks for the help, you saved my time, this case is pratically impossible to find because there are different solutions.
I didn’t know I could set the URL myself in project settings.