TravelFailure: InvalidURL

Hello I come back to you because I have a problem again. I made a start menu on a first map and I have my level on the second map. Except that when I click on the launch button the level “Map” this launches but 1 second before I put the error message. I looked at the different solutions: and client.html
but nothing changes. Can you explain or help me on how to solve this problem.
I hope I am clear. I am sorry in advance if this question has already been asked. Thanks to what will answer me.

Good evening, I found my mistake, the problem was that I had the same GameMode Override for my level Map and my MainMenuLevel. This is a problem because some of my variables did not make the transitions when I changed the level so I had the error: “TravelFailure: InvalidURL”.
So I created a new GameMode Override for my MainMenuLevel by setting none to Default Pawn Class and HUD Class. If you want more details send me a message. I took a long time to understand and find the mistake I hope to be useful if someone at the same mistake.