Travel between levels in multiplayer blueprints

All players spawn on the same level where the login/register/character select logic is placed. I want them to teleport to another level once they choose the character but I’m not sure how this works. Apparently my google skills are very weak because I can’t find any blueprint example of this (seamless travel - which i assume is something i should be doing). Can anyone explain how to do this, all i want is to send a player and a variable to another open world level where all players will eventually join (not all at once!), without them losing connection and stuff like that. Not sure if this is important to mention but I’m using dedicated server for this.

I don’t know for sure but I think the server and all connected clients have to be on the same level.
I think massive world online games have a separate, non-game-engine server running for tracking logged in players so they can communicate with each other between worlds/levels/areas.

So maybe to accomplish what you want you may need two executables running on your server machine: one to handle the lobby and one to handle the level theyre joining, if you dont want them all there at the same time.

I could be wrong as I have never tried it or researched how to do it. But i think each server executable has to be on its own level and its own ip address.

If they all join the gameplay level at the same time then i know how to do that. Thats the usual way you see in all the tutorials.