Trashed | Creep it Real Challenge


Trashed - Creep it Real Unreal Challenge on Youtube

Vimeo for higher quality.

Description: A short story playing with the idea of claustrophobia, both of spatial constriction and social isolation.
Student Submission: No
Engine Version: UE 5.0.3


Concept Stage:

Credits to sourced content:

Environment: Old Town
Dumpster: Assetsville Town, modified and re-textured.
Garbage Truck: City Sample Vehicles
People: City Sample Crowds
Additional People: Scanned 3D People Pack
Alley clutter: Defect Ultimate Props Bundle Vol.1 and Megascans
High heel shoe: Hiirusama on CGTrader
Iphone: captain123 on turbosquid, UVed and re-textured.
Star map and moon: Dynamic Volumetric Sky
Fog Overlays (as media players on planes): Premium Beat
Rope, trash bags, alley door, rubble and stone decals: Quixel Bridge Megascans

Music, background ambiance, source effects for creating custom bangs: Ultimate SFX & Music Bundle
Crowd Chatter: SoundJay on Pond5
Garbage Truck Driving: ProSoundEffects on Pond5
Hopper Crushing: SoundMorph on Pond5
Cell Vibrate: SmartWentCody on Freesound
Voices: Natalie and Ryan Thorsley


This was really cool! it actually left me feeling disturbed after watching it! loved that you also did a story board as well, your cinematic was so well paced :slight_smile:

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Trashed - pretty accurate name :wink:
Cool storytelling

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Thanks so much! That storyboard helped a ton, took only about an hour or two, and despite some changes I’m sure it saved me days of not mucking around with cam animations and kept me on track building only what I could see. :slight_smile:


It so cool!!! So smooth video So amazing.

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Great Work

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So clever.

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Everything about this short is a masterpiece. The concept. The layering of the sounds. The camerawork. The lighting. So good!

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You’re all so kind, thank you! The sound was admittedly a lot more work than I expected, lol. Crazy number of audio tracks lol.

Hey there @parakyl!

Congrats on the runner-up spot in the challenge! You’ve created a truly terrific project. Thank you so much for your participation.

Hope to see more of your work around the forums :slight_smile:


Thank you! It was a really fun challenge!

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You play with forbidden music. The way you chose her die is very sad. This is because you cut ended nihilistically with no optimistic story after, and with a touch of sad piano. Nihilism is tempting to believe, but unreal…to give a more cheery note. Leave Soho.

Greetings @parakyl !

Trashed is so dark and macabre! This reminds me of nightmares when a menacing figure is chasing you, and as fast as you try to run away, you can’t move. I recently came across a news story where a sanitation worker picked up a large garbage can getting ready to dump it into the rear of the truck. As the lid opened, the worker saw a young woman inside of it. Thankfully, she was alive, but she could’ve easily met a different fate.

In just 1 minute, you’ve managed to create a strong narrative, and the intended feelings of claustrophobia, panic, and hopelessness manifested wickedly through the screen. Thank you for sharing your inspiration images and your storyboard. It’s great to see how your cinematic builds.

Phenomenal cinematography, by the way. I caught the Creep It Real Easter egg at the opening scene. :wink: Bravo and kudos for a project well done! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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