TRASHCLASS overriding interface function

I understand that issue is know but it is not clear whether the problem is solved.
I had this issue on 4.10 and upgraded to 4.11 where this error is mentioned to be kinda fixed. The only difference is interface func instead of custom event.

Info_display that returns User Widget ref is interface func

Blueprint Item paranted to Actor

Blueprint Item_Equipable paranted to Item

Blueprint Item_Weapon and Item_Armor paranted to Item_Equipable

Overriding Info_display in Item and Item_Equipable works fine

Overriding in Item_Equipable’s childs causes ‘This is not a TRASHCLASS_Item_192’ error on ‘Parent: Info_display’ node


Try your project in the 4.12 Preview and let me know if that makes a difference. There were a few TRASHCLASS issues that were resolved in 4.12.

This TRASHCLASS issue was resovled in 4.12 preview

Yep, it’s gone in 4.12 but… heh