Transparent texture problem

Ingame it looks like this:

in the editor looks like this:

and if i change the camera angle in the editor it looks like this:

This is my material:

and this is the layers i have:

the difference in the size of the staticmeshes

differ by .0012

here is a layers scale and attributes:

here is the layer right below it so you can see the scale difference as each layer scale at the same decrease in size:
If i make this and bigger or smaller the layers don’t show at all so i doubt it is the scale. is there some trick to making it not do this when the camera angl is not offset to the side like in my screens?
i just want to hide the clouds on sides of earth that have the shadow.

Oh boy someone that has an issue possibly similar to one I’ve had in the past :smiley: I see you are stacking meshes with transparency. (I’m guessing your shadow and clouds). I have no clue how to fix this but meshes that use transparency are transparent through each other (even on opaque parts) I would love to know if someone knows how to fix this :D.

There’s no “real” fix. This is a z-buffer sorting issue that plagues transparent meshes. Always has.

Though since it is a draw order issue you could do something in blueprint to make the shadow shell stay offset from the center of the group of objects in the planet in the direction of the camera, so it is always closest and therefore will always draw over the rest.

Though I am curious as to what the purpose of having the terminator as its own mesh is.