Transparent Materials don't show up :(

Hello everyone…First I want to say sorry for my bad english.

I’ve a big problem in using opacity masks. As you can see on the screenshot my alpha channel I made with Photoshop CC works fine in blueprint/material editor but InGame…The object that is linked with this material goes invisible. :confused:

Even when I apply the default bush texture that comes with UE4.
My Object’s (the Tree that I’ve used as a test object) are made with Blender.

PS: I never used blender or anything else before. (I’m a beginner with that tool’s)

Please help me… :3



If you used a default material on it and you still can’t see it, the problem comes from your mesh.
Try this: scale up your object by 100.

The default scene size in Blender is 100x smaller than Unreal Units. You will need when exporting your FBX to scale it up by 100 or change your unit scale. More info here