Transparent/additive materials Issues on Android 6.0

Hello! I’m experiencing issues with transparent/additive materials on android 6.0. I have tried to update the the newest Gameworks for Android, No result.
Tried building with target SDK 22 -----. Am I the only one experiencing these issues? I only have one android 6.0 phone to test on, Materials having this problem worked on android 5.1 on the same phone.


What kind of issues they are exactly? If they are z-fighting issues, then I would suggest you to check which type of materials are you using. Masked materials may cause such problem. If this is the case, then try using Translucent materials instead.

Hmm, i have tested with translucent, additive etc. Dont think there is Z-fighting issues. My Issue is that the meshes/particle systems using non opaque materials are simply not visible. All the GUI elements work fine. Wonder if there is some new OpenGL rendering version in android 6, thats not supported yet with unreal engine 4.

Hi Morgansandb,

Which device (model number is best) are you using? It likely has a newer driver version from the OS update.

Hello, I am testing on HTC One M9 - Android 6.0

Okay, that has the Adreno 430. We recently fixed some issues with Adreno framebuffer fetch. Please try the 4.11 Preview 6 and see if it now works properly. I recommend backing up your test project; you do not want to use previews for actual development.

Sweet, thanks will test it out as soon as possible!


Works! Thanks for the help

Hum, with 4.11 Preview 6, My app auto shuts down on launch without any notification/popp-ups.

Found the issue! “Audio Component Externally referenced” This caused no issues in 4.10(visible issues to me, so always kind of just let it be there under development)

BUT! Now my materials work again! Thanks for the help, spend a good part of the weekend trying to fix this/reseting phone etcetc.