Transmitting strings/variables between UE4 desktop app and custom Android app

Hi Everyone,

I’m using Unreal Engine v4.18.3 and am struggling to figure out how to communicate information such as strings/variables (one-way) from a blueprint to an Android app that I am writing. I have read about websockets and server/client approaches but I’m not sure which approach is preferred specifically for UE apps. I was wondering if anyone could provide a simple solution based on their expertise as this is an area that is completely unfamiliar to me. The communication will only be to a single device, and the device and pc will be sharing the same network and can even be connected directly (via usb for example) if that makes things easier. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

For me I was making a companion app for a game and the ideal approach was to use the game as the server and everything else as the clients. You always want your server to be the primary source of your data. So if you’re wanting to display information of the character or whatever on the client, then you would either listen for a specific event or constantly ping it every second or so. I basically subscribed to a server event (ue4) from each client (mobile) and every time the event was called, it would send the information to each client. There is a free sockets plugin on the marketplace and some on github, idk what you could do with it yet though, (never used it). Hope this helps somewhat!