Transluscent Material doesn't display normals?

I was trying to create a glass shader with normals and I kept fiddling with it in the material editor viewport, constantly failing to see refractions and normals-- Regardless of having the display mesh as a custom mesh or moving the light.

I then tried applying it onto a mesh in level and to my surprise it was working properly o:

I was just curious if this was a problem on my end, where I failed to do something properly? Or a bug with the 4.2.1 build?

Hey pinkbubblegum -

Without seeing a screenshot, I would guess that you need to adjust the Translucent Lighting Mode in the Material from Volumetric Non-Directional (Default) to Volumetric Directional (or Surface is you also need reflections) This will allow you object to take into account light source direction based on the model’s orientation.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum