Translucent object sorting issues with ( Custom Depth Shader) DOF and Particals

Myself Rohan Mandke , working on Unreal engine from last 3 years.

Here what i am trying to achieve, and the issues I am facing so far. ( Image 01)

  1. I have solved this issue through Few custom depth shader. Below are the node details I am using. to fix the same, which are available online. ( Image 02 and Image 03)

  1. But after solving this issue, Real problem starts. I am not able to sort them in a proper manner, when two translucent objects comes together.
    Also doesn’t work with camera Depth of field and Its always shows in front with Partical Objects as well.

Here in the above image 04 , You will notice that the DOF is targeting the sphere behind, In that case the normal Translucent shader which has clipping issues is behaving normal, But the one with custom depth shader is not behaving normal , though its eyes are getting blurred normal as they are simple opaque shader.

I m struggling to solve this issues from last 3 months, and not getting the required result. As i am really passionate working on Unreal, But not getting this required result, I finally decided to shift my project from Unreal engine to Unity.
In unity through amplifier shader network, I am able to achieve the result i want. Basically I am trying to get a jelly like look, which is semi transparent and a refractive. I will be rendering this and taking out a movie as a final output, so that’s fine, it will not matter me a lot for the performance.

I have put this case on Unreal forum as well, But didn’t got any required solutions .

This is the link for the Forum

and a link for a youtube movie , for the result which i have achieved through Unity.

So Kindly do let me know, where i am going wrong, Or mainly how can i achieve the desire results.

Thanks & Regards

Rohan M