Translucent materials are affected by DOF on a Render Target


The problem is mentionned in the title.
To make it obvious:

  • 1° - Create a new render target, add a SceneCapture2D actor in a level and assign the render target to it.
  • 2° - Make a new material, connect the render target to emissive.
  • 3° - Add a cube mesh to your level and assign your new material to it.
  • 4° - Launch your level and you’ll see the view from the SceneCapture actor on the faces of the cube.

Now, add a second cube in your scene, make a new material and set it to translucent. Just connect any texture on the base color
and check that “Separate translucency” is activated .
In your scene capture2D settings, activate Gaussian DOF.
Launch your level and, on the first cube, you’ll see that the second one, with a translucent material, appears blurry e.g. affected by DOF.

So my question is: is it an expected behaviour or it is (as i think it is) a bug?
I’m working with Version 4.7.6

Thanks for the fast reply and for the report.


Hi Ed -

Thank you for your report. While not unexpected the the rendering pipeline, I do feel that this is an issue that can be addressed and have entered a report regarding it, for reference UE-16538.

I will keep you informed as we work on a solution.

Thank you again -