Translucent material vs opaque grass vegetation for mobile


I am curious what would be more resource intensive on a mobile game.
Having a static Square plane with an translucent texture applied of many blade grasses in an alpha channel.

Or having opaque 3 edged planes vegetation painted on the ground?
Your input would be much appreciated.

Incase i am unclear. Its Having 1 100CM x 20CM plane with an translucent texture vs 100 opaque meshes as vegetation.

Judging by the shadercomplexity viewmode, using opaque grass blades are a better choice as long as its low poly and adhering the the guidelines of not breaking the triangle count onscreen limit.

If i run the game using planes for grass with opacity maps some sections start becoming extremely expensive.

So i guess it all boils down to exactly what you want to achieve. But in if you can get away with using opaque geometry based grass… do it!