Translucent material isn't work in UE4.9.0 on Android PowerVR G6200 platform

After I integrate 4.9.0 source code, all translucent and additive materials don’t render correctly. it seemed to be render in opaque mode.

Hello rogerhe,

In order to understand this issue better I would like some more information from you.

1.) You said you integrate the 4.9 source code. Do you mean you downloaded the source code from GitHub and then integrated that into your project? If this is the case, we do not recommend doing this or guarantee that there will not be issues when doing so.

2.) Does this happen in a clean blank project of 4.9?

3.) Can you link me your DxDiag?

4.) Do you have another device that you can test this on?

After I have this information I will continue to investigate what is causing this issue.

I downloaded a clean 4.9.0 source code from GitHub, there is no problem.So the bug must come from my integration.