Translucent and additive materials not working with mobile hdr

I’m trying to use translucency on mobile but when I enable mobile HDR in project settings, translucent and additive materials stop working and the model renders black, with no lighting or transparency at all. Translucency works fine in editor and mobile preview but as soon as I launch the level on mobile device (we used ASUS T00J with Android 4.3 and SDK ver. 18 for testing) it turns black. Any ideas why this is happening? (To clarify: with mobile HDR disabled everything runs as expected but I’d like to have at least some sort of postprocessing for my level so disabling it is not really an option)
Thank you!

Even with mobile HDR is on, the ONLY post processing that you can use is Bloom and Temporal AA - however with TAA, is very limited to few devices.

Try disabling all the post processing (except Bloom).

Thanks for the answer but it doesn’t seem to do the trick. Even with everything including bloom disabled it still renders black sheets instead of particles and other translucent assets.

Hi Alien_impact,

Some issues with Asus ZenPhones rendering have been fixed in 4.11. Please give the latest preview a try to see if it works now.

Ran it on UE 4.11 preview 6. No visible changes so far, same old black materials :confused:

So, is there some sort of solution or workaround this? The game overall runs very well on T00J (apart from translucency nonsense), would be a shame to disable mobile HDR features on ZenPhones because of this one issue.