Translation tool too far - is it a newbie error

Hi Guys, having a small problem when moving assets around, the translation tool is too far out making it hard for me to line things up. Am I doing a typical newbie thing and do I have to change a setting or function etc. Cheers

Hi JRRC1969,

If that’s a custom asset you created in your modeling program or downloaded from a 3D model site, make sure that before exporting it from the application that each meshes pivot is moved to the 0,0,0 world origin.

Any pivots that are setup in your modeling application will not be imported with the FBX.

You can temporarily move the pivot in the editor, but this will revert back when you’re done with moving it. You can see how to do this in this documentation page here:

Thank you!


Hi Tim, Its not a custom asset, I was creating a level using the assets from the Shooter Game project. I noticed that I had to zoom out quite a way in order to move the asset, didn’t think that was right.

Those assets did not have the pivots set to the world origin when they were exported. This is why you’re seeing the pivot to the side. If you need this changed, you can do so by exporting the mesh as an FBX and moving the pivot in a modeling application.

Ok i’ll try that, thanks.