Translation Projects: Problems with some words

Hello, I’m Bull.

I’m actually working on a project that translates the ARK to Portuguese.

I noticed with my friend that there are some words impossible to translate.

We translate it on Ark Dev Kit in the Game Files and when we log in the game they are not translated.

This happens with all languages. I’m asking help here for all translator that are working in the same kind of mod as me and got the same problem.

I will list every words that I know until now that are impossible to translate (they are the red ones):

Main Menu:
''xxx.x - View Notes

List Sessions (Server List):
Refresh, Favorite and Unfavorite

Inventory Menu:
On survivor’s inventory -> DROP ITEM
On the right side of survivor’s inventory -> ENGRAM POINTS TO APPLY

Respawn Menu:
On the left side -> RESPAWN(RANDOM LOCATION)

Tribe Manager:
On the right side of menu -> SET TRIBE GOVERNANCE

We noticed also that are some words impossible to find on the game files like

‘‘You were killed by:’’
And a few more.

We, translators, are waiting for a reply, thanks!

UP Same problem.

UP Same problem!!!

UP Same problem

Hey translators,

I sent a message to the devs about that issue, hope to bring you some good news soon :slight_smile:

UP Same problem

Thanks you
I will inform the other translators :wink:

So guys bad news.

These values are hardcoded at the moment. and opening them is very low priority so it might take a few months before you can change these values.

Please understand that since the game is in early access, translation is not supported for many reasons.

Okay, if we cannot do anything :frowning:

I Translate to German but same problem,think we need to wait^^