Translate Unity3d code sample to Unreal Blueprint

Hello.This is memory game with cards.
Iam trying teaching game mechanics translating Unity3d code samples to Unreal Engine blueprints.
But iam stuck in this sample:…blueprint.html

Could u give me some help with my task?
I will appressiate any of your help.Thanks.

Well…the main problem for me was that my cards spawn in Unreal Engine at same coordinates as in Unity3D…But it must be different…U could see difference in attached pictures.
For Unity3d placing cards sprite with size (55x65 pixels) in coordintes like (first line of cards : X:0. Y:0 second card X:1 Y:0 and so on) good and they not overlap each other…But if u will do this in Unreal Engine…all cards will be looks like in the same place and just one cards, course coordinates is too small amount for UE4…So for Unreal Engine must be coordinates (first line of cards: X:0. Z:0 second card X:55 Z:0 3d card X:110 Y:0 and so on)…

upd: I dont realy know how Unity3D and Unreal Engine works with Sprites and placing object in scene…but mb u could tell me how with the same spritesheet and sprites in both Unity3D and Unreal Engine i could use same coordinates for both engines?

upd: It must be “Pixels per Unit” option in sprites (in Unity3D its placed in SpriteSheet and in Unreal Engine it placed in details of Sprite) and if i changing Pixels per Unit to 60 for my sprite with 55x65 pixel size in Unreal Engine…its become very very small…and not working like in Untiy3D.

So still need help how it works =)