Transitions and Loading Screen between maps

Hello again! I am trying to do what the title says.

I want the player do not see that abrupt “blink” between maps (and I am not talking about stream them).

And also a “loading screen” while player wait until map is loaded (maybe maps will not be that huge, but just in case).

I saw/readed few tutorials, but the majority didn’t convince me. So I finally tried do it by myself. I did a UMG with a “LOADING” text, and called him just before load the next page and called him again just after the next is loaded. Well, it is not perfect, but there is still a very ugly blink, just for 0.1 second after map is loaded where player can see few items. I could simply make them invisible to the load, but is an extremely uncomfortable decision.

That is all, thanks so much for your help! I really appreciate tips, new tutorials, advices and whatever. Thanks!

I’ve made a scene transition by creating a UMG canvas that is fully black (yours could have text on it, or whatever) and then using a UMG animation to fade to my “loading” screen while the new scene loads. I then do the same animation but in reverse when the new scene loads. The result is pretty smooth. The scene fades to black and then back up from black when the scene is loaded. I also added a spinner to the screen. Here’s the basic workflow:

  1. Drag and “Image” into your UMG canvas panel
  2. just set it’s color to black (you don’t need to add any image)
  3. set its anchor to cover the whole canvas. Zero out any offsets
  4. Now create an animation for the color and opacity. Animate the opacity over however long you want your transition.
  5. Set the image’s visibility to “collapsed” by default
  6. Now in blueprint before you load your new scene set the visibility to “visible” and then play the fade animation.
  7. Load your scene.



Thanks! My problem was the Anchor, the colour or both, can’t say exactly which one. It worked!

I’ll continue trying to perfect it later.

Btw, I found other solution too that maybe have more odds. I used matinee following some tutorials and answers that I found and the result is very good too.

The mainly different is with matinee we can adjust volume too without need extra code and more things that I can’t say right now, first time using it. UMG can’t handle matinee directly (I managed do it using a command execute “CE custom_event” that is in level blueprint).

When back to home, ill try to do a little guide how I did it (and where found it). Could be very interesting see pros and contras about the both ways to do it.

Well, Ill try explain what I did step by step, in order to helps others that need an answer too. If I miss something or it is wrong, say it please :).

Fade In/Out using UMG:

  • First do an UMG (Fade UMG). Use a image and give him alfa = 1.
  • Following @quality (second post) remember color it totally to black and use the canvas ANCHOR and increase it size to complete screen (if you don’t know what I mean, I am calling about that ““flower”” in the corner, open it draggin a petal).
  • Make an animation that decrease alfa since 1 to 0.
  • Just before use “open map” just do this: Create Widget “Fade UMG” -> Add Viewport -> Play Animation (Set reverse, or formard, can’t never decide correctly :P)-> Delay (the time that you think is great) -> Open level.
  • Just after map is loaded (Event “begin play”) just do the same than before, but the “play animation” forward (or reverse ^^).


  • Very easy to do
  • Can be called easily and intuitively from other UMG or blueprints
  • You can do a function for it (but without a delay)


  • Limited effects (I guess)
  • You must manually decrease volume (Rama plugin is a good idea in this case, but I still didn’t try it)

Fade In/Out using Matinee:


  • Easy to do
  • Fade have the option to fade audio too
  • Maybe better effects if you can handle them


  • You must create a custom event in every map blueprint if you want use it in UMG
  • This don’t fade UMG by itself, you must fade them manually
  • You must redo all matinee in every map (I didn’t figure how to copy-paste them in others maps)

So IMO I really guess that fade the game with UMG is really a better idea because it really easier and his mainly Cons can be fixed with Rama plugin.

Thanks to all.

Thanks to all, it helps me a lot! :slight_smile: