Transitioning and Excelling in UE4

I recently was promoted to Technical Lead for a small company that creates High Resolution graphics for course-ware purposes. We initially provided this service through using 3DS Max for setting up our assets and rendering our stills in Mental Ray then compositing in Photoshop. When the need for producing graphics at a higher rate while increasing our quality arose, it was then that UE4 was discussed as the engine to transition into for the foreseeable future. Since last year I’ve trained with a fellow Technical Lead who has 10+ yrs experience with UE4, but my actual experience has only been about 3 months worth of time training and creating a build of my own. I have looked at countless videos and vlogs from Unreal’s youtube channel but I am having difficulties finding my way as a point of contact for UE4 while trying to transition a small studio into a more standardized working atmosphere with a true pipeline structure.

Outside of Epic’s “AnswerHub”, Forums, Videos, and Online Documentation what can I do as a Technical Lead to further my knowledge so that I can be a better POC for my team on staff using UE4? Also, what is the best way to transition a studio where all the artists functioned as “Generalist” into a structured pipeline team that can easily assimilate into UE4?