Transition Rule Issue?

Im working on an animation blueprint for a character i rigged in Mixamo. I decided to use the blueprints from the mixamo animation pack as a starting point.

if u look at step 10 on this link:

you will see that its using an animation asset (Jump_from_Jog Asset). I have not been able to figure out how to make one and even when I followed this video:

youll see that he was able to make one at about 19:15. However, when I try it comes out as a green function node.

Can someone please point me in a better direction.


Hey Chieling,

If you can’t get these “time remaining” nodes, it usually means that unreal doesn’t know of which asset it should draw the remaining time from. All the advice I can give you for this is to double-check that the state where the transition originates has an animation asset assigned to it. Like in this picture:

Then compile the blueprint, open the transition, right-click in an empty space and type either “remaining” or the name of your animation asset. You should get then get the “Time remaining” option in the drop-down list.