Transition Rule for Delay/ General solution for a second animation?


I got a simple AI driven character, who can stop on several “target point” actors and wait there for a specific amount of time: “AI Move to” with “Delay”.

I use a “Blend Space 1D” for “idle - walk”. If there is a “delay”, the character stops and after the “delay”, the character walks again.

My current issue is, that I want to add a second animation (currently another “Blend Space 1D”) on the “delay state”, like the head turns from right to left.
How can I manage that second animation?


Not having seen the details of your implementation I can only attempt an educated guess. You need to create a State Machine for your AI with two states, Moving and Waiting. The Moving state you know already how to handle, for the Waiting state you can play your “delay state” Blend Space 1D.


I used “Blend Pose” with “anim. notifies.”

Thx anyway.