Transition maps standalone only?

How do you test the transition map when you have to package the game to test it?

I’m confused. You can test it within standalone mode, which is not the same as packaging the game.

Oh? ohh… I just took a closer look the the Play drop down. I see it now.

But I did package the game, and it still didnt work so obviously I just don’t have it set up properly then. I have seamless travel turned on in the game mode, my transition map selected in the Project settings - Maps & Modes, and I load the next level using the Open Level node. My current project is VR, so when loading it throws the player into the steamvr environment while loading. Since posting I’ve changed the project to use streaming levels, streaming in my transition map, streaming in the new level, then unloading the transition map. Which works, but I would still like to know how to set up transition maps.

The only way I know to use seamless travel is by executing the console command “ServerTravel yourMapName”.