Transition Map Working or Broken?

Has anyone been able to successfully create a working transition map?

I watched to stream and even the streamer had to use a pre-built project to get it working.

Could someone tell me if it works or not?. I’m currently building a single-player game we a simple transition map.

1)Create Project.
2)Set a default transition map
3) Set game mode for seamless travel using blueprints.

And… nothing.

What do you expect to happen? The Transition map is for Server travel. The map is only a black empty Level that have to run till the Server travel is over. As far as i know it is because for a multiplayer you have to load a Level (open Level with -listen) so other Players can join your session. Then you start the game and load “Map1” with Server travel. But this works only if there is a Transition map…

Look at this link: