Transition Map Bug, UI stuck on new map

I am currently creating a network based game using UE4 online session subsystem. I am using the null subsystem for testing purposes but I have also tested this with the Steam Subsytem. I created a new transition map that uses blueprint to create a widget and add it to the viewport. I then set the default transition map to this new map. Occasionally when performing a seamless travel, the widget that was added to the viewport in the transition map, will still show over my new map, preventing me from seeing what is going on. I’m not sure why this happens but if anyone has suggestions please let me know. Below is my level blueprint code.

Transition is supposed to destroy widgets, sure. Interesting to see that it does not always deliver.

Sounds like a good place to Get All Widgets of Class - Loading Screen - Remove from Parent. Alternatively you can call Remove All Widgets.