Transition from level sequence to First Person Camera

Hi, It’s almost a week and i can’t find a proper way to have a smooth transition between a level sequence (affecting my Character position and rotation) and take bake control over the character without having small/big shake to the camera. During the sequence i have to Set the Control Pawn Rotation to false and then get it back to true.

I used these nodes:

  • Set Control Rotation (during the sequence and after the end of it) It has the better behaviour but there’s always a gap between what I see at the last frame of the sequence and when I take control back

Set View Target with Blend Using Get Player controller as the target and Get Character owner as the new view, but it doesn’t seems to work as intended, cause it moves the camera at the root of the character and unpossess it.

  • Set Actor Rotation plus Set Control Rotation nothing significant with this.

I’m losing hope, and maybe I dont use the correct tools. What’s your experience? Thanks

Using Unreal 4.16