Transient Reference in BP causing me troubles

I’ve been facing this problem for close to a year. Since version 4.2.
This problem pops up once in a while and I’ve to re-create BP from scratch without duplicating or replacing asset , It’s really annoying. I really hope someone could help me shed some light on any possible solution.

Apparently, intermittently my BP would be reported as Compile Error ( notifying me some function don’t exist ) when editor starts.
Upon going to the BP to recompile, i notice there is actually no error and it compile fine. And the game run fine as well.
When editor restarts , the same thing repeat. On top of this some default properties will randomly revert to None.

This is usually the first sign that the BP is affected by this transient reference bug.

When this happen . The blueprint continues to work fine other than the above issue, however all it’s child will be affected by this same issue. And it will from then on :

  1. Unable to use Replace Reference tool
  2. Unable to use any BP-Library
  3. Reports as Compile Error on startup. Forcing me to recompile at every editor start ( when you recompile there is no error )


  • Reference viewer does not show any transient reference. Everything looks normal
  • Deleting all function/events/variables/graphs doesn’t help. Error is still there.

This is a really desperate issue because it had happened several times where I have to re-create a major base class and relink everything since replace reference/duplicate don’t work.

If anyone that could help me in this I would greatly appreciate it.

This is the answerHub link in which I still find no solution.

I’ve seen that happen several times, and maybe the best thing is to not click that transient checkbox, and also not reference the same blueprint library from within itself until there’s a solution for this.

I do not use the transient checkbox.

Then the best fix to this is to take the components that cause the most issues and write them in code. After dealing with having to recreate several blueprints myself that would require recompile on load, I moved the functionality out of blueprint and into c++ and no more issues.